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Gabriel works as the principle testing consultant for SfM, where he tests the ideas put forth by the Grinding community for functionality and feasibility. He is currently working on various projects within the fields of material sciences, microbiology, and mammalian cell biology.

It’s finally time!

After months of roadblocks and waiting, the Soylent has finally arrived! We now have ~500lbs of base nutrient material being prepped into packages to be sent to the test subjects. As you remember, we have decided to use Soylent as our science chow due to the ability to order custom blends which completely remove a specific vitamin (in our case, the A1). The various materials are currently being tested for A1 by a second party and then will packaged and sent out.

Let’s talk about adipose tissue….

Good morning test subjects,

We’ve covered this before, but I’m going to get a little more in depth here on the bodyhacking side of the work. It may get a bit ranty. Bear with me. References available upon request.

As you all are aware, we want to remove as much Vitamin A1 from the system as possible. Really scrub out the pipes so we don’t have any unwanted metabolic activity. A1 is stored in the liver and in the adipose tissue. Now, as there is no magical detox formula that clears the liver (there isn’t, I’m sorry, you in the back with the lemon juice and cayenne, sit down), we need to focus on reducing the amount of adipose tissue in the body. The fat.