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At the end of two conferences, some thoughts.

I’m at the raggedy end of two conferences and then being sick. I’m only just now ramping back up to full force.

Hi there! Welcome to.. what day is it? Wait, where am I?

I could write you a long post about the Austin BodyHackingCon, but others have done it better. These guys are awesome btw, read their stuff, support their work.

How long will we tell ourselves stories?

Recently on, there has been an influx of religious themed posts. Based on an editor’s note, a bunch of people sent emails to him, asking for it to stop. I find it interesting, but not surprising that no one was willing to post their opinions in the comments section.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but we should all be willing and able to mention that having an opinion does not make it valid.

Let’s talk about adipose tissue….

Good morning test subjects,

We’ve covered this before, but I’m going to get a little more in depth here on the bodyhacking side of the work. It may get a bit ranty. Bear with me. References available upon request.

As you all are aware, we want to remove as much Vitamin A1 from the system as possible. Really scrub out the pipes so we don’t have any unwanted metabolic activity. A1 is stored in the liver and in the adipose tissue. Now, as there is no magical detox formula that clears the liver (there isn’t, I’m sorry, you in the back with the lemon juice and cayenne, sit down), we need to focus on reducing the amount of adipose tissue in the body. The fat.

What is Science for the Masses?

Innumerable millenia ago, a rather unimpressive species of ape began asking questions. That’s all, really; just questions. What is this? What is that? Why?┬áThis ape contemplated various answers to the questions, and, coming to what seemed to it a reasonable conclusion, applied the results to the world around it. Why is it that when one of my kind is bitten by a striped serpent, they nearly always die a few hours later? Perhaps the serpent killed them with something in its bite. The ape avoids the serpent; the ape lives; the ape breeds; and a whole new generation of apes live on to continue with this first tradition of science.