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Thank you to everyone who has supported us to get us to this point. If you were part of the crowdfunding, data updates are on Monday. If you still want to support, hit up the PayPal link and always fee free to comment here or send us an email at

the crewCheers!

Our new additions to the study

Hello readers and backers,

I would like to begin by apologizing for the frequent delays. Most of them were unpreventable and many of them were out of our hands, but none of these excuses change the fact that ultimately, the responsibility falls on us, and it is to you, our supporters, that we bear that responsibility. Let me reiterate: we set deadlines that depended on factors outside our control, and we had no business doing so. As a result, we have heard some entirely reasonable concerns from some of you that these delays could extend indefinitely, and ultimately result in this project never seeing completion. I would like to put those fears to rest here and now: we will see this study finished.

Please forgive the delay…

While we had planned to begin our vitamin A deficient diet at the end of last week, we have unfortunately run into a snag. Ian G., our fourth test subject, has been forced by personal circumstances to drop out of the NIR vision pilot study. With an extra set of equipment and only three data points, one of whom is a control (Gabriel) who will be taking plain old vitamin A alongside our VAD diet, we felt it would be best to push off our experiment start date another month or so while we find a replacement and get him/her into shape.

It’s finally time!

After months of roadblocks and waiting, the Soylent has finally arrived! We now have ~500lbs of base nutrient material being prepped into packages to be sent to the test subjects. As you remember, we have decided to use Soylent as our science chow due to the ability to order custom blends which completely remove a specific vitamin (in our case, the A1). The various materials are currently being tested for A1 by a second party and then will packaged and sent out.

Back in the Saddle…

Happy New Year!

We hope you had an excellent holiday season; we certainly had a productive one! To end our long period of radio silence, here’s what we’ve been up to:

Stimulator Units/ERG Units

Jeff has been pouring his heart, soul & sanity into home-fabricating our stimulator units in his spare time off work. He ran into some issues, including some bleedover into the visible spectrum by some of the LEDs we had originally planned to use, but he now has all four units working and will be shipping them out to us tomorrow, along with the ERG units. Hooray Jeff!