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Hey there. So, this is cross posted from the site. It has been slightly altered, but I figured everyone should have this little bit of info. It’s pretty cool 🙂

First though, a little bit of bad news. We lost one of our test subjects in the last week :/ Subject C dropped out. We’re bummed, but still feeling positive about the project. Luckily, we were up one from our original protocol, so we are still well within parameters.

SFM Dietary Protocols: Depleting Retinol

SFM Dietary Protocols: Depleting Retinol

Jeffrey Tibbetts

Our project to replace Rhodopsin with Porphyropsin in the human eye in order to affect a shift of the range of light that is perceivable can easily be summed up in three steps: deplete stores of vitamin A, administer A2, and measure the changes that occur. While these summations are valid, they don’t do justice to the intricacies involved in each step. This section discusses the steps taken to deplete retinol levels.


Thank you to everyone who has supported us to get us to this point. If you were part of the crowdfunding, data updates are on Monday. If you still want to support, hit up the PayPal link and always fee free to comment here or send us an email at

the crewCheers!