Extreme Future Tech Two – Techlectric Bugaloo

Post edit notes: I have to say, I had prepared myself for more of the same, bigger, brighter, more extreme. All, filled with all sorts of nutty sales pitches and out there ideas.
This fest was much longer than the others and it shows in my notes. So telling in fact, that I have edited out some of the long stretches.
Now, I’m sorry if someone gets cut out in the edits. The thing is, most of the stuff presented was pretty legit and straightforward. A few VR people, a drone guy, Liz Parrish from BioViva was there again. Amal from Dangerous Things had a great presentation and did an implant on an attendee…

And then there was me presentation. Oh god was it terrible. The exact opposite fo the interview posted two days ago. In all honesty, I have never sat so long in one spot and tried to listen to people talk. I can sit and pay attention to an interesting presentation, but 9 hours of presentation? With only one break for lunch? I died. My brain fizzled, and by the time I got upto talk, I was incapable of stringing two sentences together. I should have closed the notebook, walked away, gone outside for a bit. Instead I crammed every bit of the talks into my head and attempted to take notes on all of them… It was… not good.

That said, here are a few outtakes from the notes. Same rules apply. Quotes are in quotes but should not be considered legit. Yash was commenting and his comments are followed by a (y), mine are sadly blended into the notes with no way to discern without a second editor. If you are skipping through, look for bold phrases and the things around them. Find me a space potato!

Extreeeeeme Future Tech Festival!

Here we are, once again.
Of to a good start. I was pretty excited that the doors were unlocked till I realize that I had kinda just floated in behind a few people with keycard, hardworking softies here on the weekend. After wandering around in the lobby, afraid to leave in case I got locked out, I found a person on the other side of a glass door and managed to get in. Hooray!

Things are starting a bit slow, but that’s good. I’m not sure I have 12 hrs of snark in me.

Amal is here. Liz (from BioViva is here), we’re sitting back in the corner, poking at our laptops and basically being mysterious and cool (we’re hiding).

Everyone is fiddling with slides. I’m standing with my party line. I only have 10 minutes to talk and I want to look people in the eye when I talk shit.

David has come to give us a table topic. On Longevity. And then it became Grinding. Then Liz heard about rfid implants. Now we are the Human augmentation Collective table and I think Liz is getting implanted 😀

Amal is out in the lobby looking to see if he can clone the passcards. We’re just getting started here…
(update, he forgot his cloner 🙁 next time microsoft.. next time…)

And we’re off!
New and emerging technologies. and the “exciting stuff around technology”

Nice subtle mini definition of transhumanism. Awkward hilarious moment when he realizes we remade his sign. The coup has started!

Lunch is two hours because he couldnt find a corporate sponsor. I think this means a field trip 🙂

no local transhumanist restaurants?(y)
yeah, i think all we have is like, world wraps and starbucks…

The talk at this point is more like a salon. Everyone here kinda knows someone else here and right now David is just riffing on his thing. Which is AI. so that’s cool.

Now he’s talking about soylent. Evidently it tastes like wet cheerios . Which is a step up. Good job guys. It used to taste like drywall had babies with sawdust. Ah this is a lead in to how hard it is to get a computer to recognize something….
what, like getting a computer to recognize mold in your soylent?(y)

(amal is smacking together slides like crazy. there’s a video of a magnet implant. oh look, there’s my creepy eye picture)

Back to AI. discussing pattern recognition. This is actually a really interesting talk about breaking down consciousness as an emergent quality through complexity. Biasing a system to need to take action. Building in an imperative to interact with things. Thus leading to a push in complexity.

I really hope someone is recording this. Good questions, and solid answers. But I’m not going to try to keep up by transcribing this.


Dr. Feldman is up.
She had the slides that choked last time. This time will be different! I think she made a concentrated effort to avoid slide failure.

(there is an ungodly amount of pastries in the lobby right now)
break for slide fixing….

Tranhumanism and the developing child.

How do these things “jive”. Close your eyes and think about transhumanisn babies. Borg Babies! Test tubes! Small! Uber healthy!

4 design principles that we need to follow when discussing, so that we go into the happy place and not talking about borg.

Picture of developing nation baby. This baby was vaccinated. That’s pretty transhuman.
(is it? are we talking about tools making us cyborgs?)

there is a deep structural problem underlying the problem of using robots to teach kids to read.
We need to fund our teachers! we need to encorage and engender in our society that teaching is a good thing

children need to be fully developed humans before we decide to augment them.!

Pow! there we go. Freud was right. We decide to augment them. The conversation loses the element of choice.

Let children be human before you start changing that course.’

Man I love this stuff. I wanna just get back into academia and just talk about cyborging up children and still sound responsible. I miss those days…

Crap, I want access to these slides. Is everyone gonna share their slides?

Quick backtrack about cochlear implants. This child is not on a normative developmental process, so it’s ok to intervene. Now, I don’t disagree, but then you start wondering, who makes that call? Are we going to stick the std dev of the curve here or like, who makes this decision…?

Non invasive tech is fine because you can remove it.

ok, “we’re using this technology to get back to a normative level”
So, technology as medication. not really as a way to become more, but to get them normal. That they are not behind. QUestion asked. Evidently normative menas not lagging. If you’re advanced, that’s fine, but don’t be slow. I still question… eh whatever.
you can enhance yourself, but only if you share it with everyone else on earth? (y)
yeah, that wasn’t what she meant. more like we need to use tech to get the slower children up to speed, not that we all get to get better together. Well adressing the complexity of human development and the lack of good models and not understanding the ramifications.

rfids in kids no good.
yeah, ok, but what if you empower the kid to reprogram the chip?
or you get kids hacking them out first. Baaaast?

ok! were getting Amal to talk with David. He reaaaally needs to go next…. (no dice)

Vita-More is missing in action, Liz is up next

While we wait, tiny side salon about what grinding is, the difference between augmentation and just making ish normal. Magnets magnets magnets. sigh.

I used my magnet at work last week, we use magnetic beads conjugated to antibodies, usually there’s a little rack with a magnet in it, but I just held the tube against my finger and pulled the beads down 😀 (y) That is so cool 😀

Viva La Bio, people are actually chanting this. It’s awesome!!
even getting transhumanists to acknowledge that we’re still made of biological matter is a breakthrough tbh…well, the AI/uploading crowd, but that’s most of them (y)

So it looks like Liz is going to do the same talk that she did last time. Legitimate in that she is busy and actually doing things. Philosophers and psych people need to bring new stuff to the table. People doing work have better things to make than slides
but who will endlessly philosophize about the ethics of uplifting dolphins!! (y)
the dolphins will!
besides, dolphins are kinda more intelligent than us…

Infectious disease is almost crushed compared to a century ago. now we all just die from heart disease and cancer…
Being healthy means you live longer. age related decline is not healthy. fixing age related recline makes you live longer. It makes sense and there are quite a few papers about that.
Big gap in age related decline from just not smoking…

Projected healthcare for all the people getting old in the next couple decades is looking to be like 35%of gdp. That starts to edge out water and power…

People could be pioneering new medicine. So many old and dying people that could be helping… But since we don’t do that, here are some mouse models.
I gotta say, I’m not really opposed to removing animal testing as long as we start using humans. It’s a slippery slope to being full on evil scientists, but what at what price…

fgf21 – a gene of interest. now here’s a slide on how gene editing works….

I always wonder what people are thinking now. When you are at a university lecture, you known your audience. WHo are these people? do they understand what is being talked about?

so right now, the primary focus is the telemrase inducing gene therapy. Muscular, vascular, and hippocampus work here.
therapy 2 is myostatin inhibitor gene therapy. treats sarcophenia, increases muscle mass and endurance.
(follistatin)(y) was gonna ask to ask what isoform of follistatin they use, but blah science question. FST-288 vs -315
yeah none of that now. this is documented for posterity, not because we can do anything with it.

Ah the break from the script. She’s talking about press releases. And how people got all twisted about ethics. And this is why she is admitting that she came forward about being the first test subject..
She’s gonna stop the presentation and do a q and a about this now.

First question, how old are you?
And a great answer, “What you really mean to ask is how long will it be till we see results?”
(oh she was on immune suppressants she says) not on them now.
ahh whew, and yeah you just need to stay on them afterwards maybe 1-2 weeks, til the capsid proteins get cleared from the cells/bloodstream(y)
stabilize the system.

Do you have any conditions that you are diagnosed with?
All the “normal” signs of ageing

we don’t want to prolong things, we want to mitigate it [ageing].

makes a point to mention that mice models did not die of cancer. cancer did not appear.
lower risk all around

bloodwork, tissue samples, full body scans, harvard is doing methylation testing on the cells. Which is good. need that second opinion.
are we just calling george church “harvard” now? jk (y)
lol, i’ll fact check this.

no meat, no dairy, no alcohol, no processed sugar. she mentioned something about a cellular mechanism for a protien in meat that increases issues… I’m gonna look into this. not that I’ll stop eat meat, but it’s interesting.
aww man now even meat has gluten (y)

it’s not about the length of telemores, its about the reduction of the shortening.
I’ll agree there, as long as you have some telomeres they’ll prevent damage (y)
she’s talking about the hayflick limit. That’s like some existential doom right there. Once you learn about the hayflick limit, you never go back…

That was good. I’m happy she jumped script and talked the big thing.

Talks over. oh, here they come. all the people so stoked. It’s kinda really cool to see someone pushing something awesome like this get the recognition that they deserve.

gonna walk, brb
huh, I’m in a fugue right now. Like, it’s a weird conference. listen to a talk, wander around, trade cards, listen to another talk. I feel like maybe the after party is the best part. The talks are not as fluffy and corporate focused this time, which is awesome, but it makes things hard to get a grasp on. Technically, I haven’t heard anything new yet, but I also haven’t heard anything completely balls to the wall ridiculous.

Vita-More is here. Via telepresence

why dont you jut ask me questions and i’ll answer them.
oh, the mike is broken. wait what.
it’s good to known that no matter where you go, you can expect the same issues.
have you wiggled the cord.
ok, david is calling her on the phone so that she can hear us and then she talks to us on skype.
this is like, a meta conversation about emerging technologies.
sweet feed back loop phone to computer to the speakers to the phone
try wiggling the cord on your future brain implant :/ (y)

an intro to transhumanism.
there are so many things facing us as transhumanists…
the idea of the transhuman goes back through time.
the past is the past, but we can always change our future.
Now she’s talking about transhumanism in politics.
how she ran for senator, how she had a tv show. talking about max more and FM. drop those names.

the sociopolitical economic structure and how it affects everything around us.
talking about the days when life extension and AI were scary transgressive terms. We had to work even harder to show the positive side to emerging technologies.
and here we are today.

The most important thing that we need to is to make our voices heard. Both as individuals and as a team.
And it’s imperative to pay tribute to the people who had to be in the trenches.

back in my day we had to walk uphill in the radioactive rain both ways to get our smart drinks…

“Shame on Al Gore for borrowing from other people without giving reliable information.”
Be careful about what you say and how you say it, with the primary sources.

ok, i get it, we need to give you props and you’re backhandedly trashing Zoltan for grandstanding.

Maybe im just biased, but there is just not enjoyable. I am so tired of old people doing this.

What are the parameters to make a fair game? What is fair in transhumanism and life extension?

It’s interesting how the older that people get, the more they start to talk about ethics of expanding the opportunities of the younger.

SO this is kinda intereseting, she is actually talking about the older generation and how they are over looked and how we need to make things work better for them. Re-education for smart phones, increase of a sense of positivity and purpose upon retirement. How to stop old people from getting scammed.

She uses the word wise insted of educated

how do we steer thinking so that it is smart ethical and inspirational?

I dunno, how do you steer thinking? these terms. THis is a lot like the first speaker, but for old people.
we’ll need some sort of camp-like setting, where people can be educated again…re-educated? ok call them re-education camps (y)
Says she won’t plug her book. Plugs the transhumainst reader,her book. “It is the most reliable source on transhumanism.”
ok, well, that may be true, but you also wrote the book. Do you have any references? can you source your basis here?
I mean, it’s philosophy. Its all subjective. Its a good book. But it’s a story book.

The stories that we tell and how they affect our lives.
This kind of explains the talk that is happening right now. It’s a personal narrative. Lot’s of I sentences. I just can’t stop hearing a “pay attention to us old people here” thing. i’m sure i’m just biased.
natasha vita more, egotistical? well I never (y)
its definitely covered in a patina of the stature of time and age. Like, history is important, let me tell you some history.
The bottom line here is that I had a passion.
It’s interesting again, phrasing. Past tense?

SO, i’m missing out on writing about her past work with vitrification of c.elegans. chemical association and memory maintained post resuscitation. But i think its well documented experiment right? like, i can google this.

knowledge bearers….

outreach is needed to be inclusive and share stories.

this does affect the political socio economical arena

once people are educated, they will see the fools and jokers.
yeah, i’m not sure about that.

man, she was doing fine. like, i liked the science on the cryopreservation. until she was basically like we need ai and nano robots to move forward. not a better understanding of antifreeze protiens or how things do this in nature. nope. ai and robotzzzz

thoughts on how we can keep our brains healthier?
exercise the brain. and just exercise. go dancing. dance. even twerking. yeah, she said twerking.
she says tiesto is the zone. loves raver music.
get an mri, so that you known your brain. whoa.

try to learn each day.
diet control. be healthy.
sugar destroys the brain.
it’s good to know we can always fall back on the same transhuman cop outs. Extend your life, take a nap!

how do we stay in touch with you? work with me! come up with a project and i’ll produce it. we need to be allies. don’t erase names and place other names with your own (zoltan again). pointedly says she wont talk about politics but that David might, if it comes up. Its insidious.

befriend me on facebook!



LUNCH! wait no lunch
space access infrastructure
a stable orbital lift system based on relatively accessible something something new slide.

whats happende is you look back at these things that used to be treachourous and now its fairly fine. but space travel is not like this.
we have to deal with this perception.

architects and engineers need to believe that it can be built and that it is safe
investors believe that it will generate a return in investment.

compares the wright brothers to the building of the titanic, at the same time so why did one get an investment and another not? well its not investors and fear man, its an untested technology vs a scaling of a fucking boat!

also, lets just talk about this now. pioneering on the planets surface is just not the same as going into space. You get lost on the Oregon trail, you find yourself a fucking potato or something. Find me a space potato!!
herds of space bison roaming the asteroid belt (y)
or you known, rain! like, water and fucking oxygen. you cant scrape by when you cant breathe.
I’m having flashbacks to “biotech will be just like home brew computer clubs of the 70s! just a thousand-fold higher cost ratio than even that was (y)
right? the issue with this is that biology is not man made. we built our computers. we barely understand how bio works. we’re like, fucking around with low level tool sets.
homebrew “literally fabricate your own microprocessors” would be more accurate, and even then (y)

I’m all for building a space infrastructure. But you’re turning me off with your terrible analogies about how its a logical progression of reduction of fear and an advacment of current tech.

There’s lot of space in space. No traffic. Quiet. Great for a tourism industry.
space tourism as a primary driver makes it seem like they *want* an oligarchy in order to fund it (y) well yeah, cause that where the money is. and this is about money. its always about money

for this you need a disruptive business.
Im fucking tired of disruption. my whole world is disruptive i need some fucking stability.

talks about aluminum. maybe all our cars will be one day made from titanium. maybe that sounds ridiculous, but maybe it wont be once we change the process.
ok, im pretty sure this doesn’t make sense, but I’m not ready to put effort into thinking about it.

change people’s mind in ways that can be measured. money, means money is how we measure things.

ok. ok, here we go. the dude wants to build halo. like, literally, he wants to build a space ring.
and he’s talking about the the floor space benefits.

you build a ring of metal that encircles Antarctica and then you make spiderweb spkes and then you tighten the spokes and it lifts the outer ring and there you go. halo.
how do you keep this ring rigid ? wll you make the ring a magnetic bearing and then you spin it so it reaches escape velocity and the the centripetal force keeps it solid.
oh well then, of course. giant chainsaw blade around planet. what could go wrong?

ok, we build the giant space chainsaw under the ocean around Antarctica…

vector graphic of establishments hanging from the space ring.
so any space debris will fall out at this level. In theory, anything that hits it will get destroyed due to velocities. Space chainsaw takes no nonsense from anyone.

terrestrial threat. like weather and ish. well, the energy would cause this thing to explode like an atomic bomb. “so that might impede investors”
yeah it was all looking so reasonable and fundable except for that bit (y)

space chainsaw is like vegas. its a place that people go.

global warming is an opportunity. you can really channel a lot of money into a project by talking about how this may help people. think about what we are doing for our planet buy building this thing. we are making a planet we can be proud of.
aliens will see our space chainsaw and be like “yo that’s dope as fuck, you cool earth” (y) SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT! space chainsaw (jazz hands)
i would hate vomit right now if i had anything to spare.
or we could spend the hundred trillion dollars it would cost to build the space chainsaw, and give everyone on earth a…hmm lemme do the math…new car? wow a hundred tril ain’t as much as I thought it’d be (y)

ok, im tapping out. blood sugar is destroy’d back after lucnh. which is happening now, even tho this guy is still answering questions. god dammit engineering grads, stahhhp


OK we’re back! 15 of us made it to one restaurant, where we all observed the effects of low blood sugar on each other in tandem.
It was pretty impressive. Twitching, mentions of hangry, talk of mcdonalds. We were desperate people in an untenable situation. Luckily, there was thai food. After curry and peanut sauce, order was restored and here we are again. We’ve all come back to rattle around in the off hour microsoft campus.

Next up! Amal!

But first, we mosey around and talk about tech toys. Cause we have to.
The troops are depleted. I think, after the burn out of low blood sugar and space chainsaw, some people just called it. It’s a shame really, cause I think everyone has something to contribute… wait no, Its because having a dozen people patting each other on the back in a room out in the middle of nowhere is creepy.
You must feed your people! Y’all known what I’m talking about. can’t use your brain for hours without teh foods.

Amal is up. 8 no… wait. 85 slides. He’s talking blue streak. It’s kinda fun to watch.

non compliance is almost impossible with an implanted device.
Basically, you can’t forget something if its in you. Fair enough.

cue picture of rabbit heart with electrical array on it. Very Sarif.
pictures of science stuff.

recurve legs! does he have an unfair advantage? this was a point where we used to talk about people being crippled….

into bodyhacking and rfids and the body as a sports utility vehicle for the brain.

it’s enjoyable to hear this talk at this point. Amal really is on the forefront of well tested biohacking toys and techniques. He’s quiet and chill on the boards, but he really pushes things all the time. Pioneering the field.

ok, i just spaced out. I guess its cause its kinda my area. I’m interested, so i just get into the groove. Now he’s doing an implant.
Classic responses. Will his blood spurt? Should we be protected?

Video over. Lots of clapping. I feel bad for whoever had to follow that.

Edit note: this is where things fall apart. It’s about 3 pm now, we’ve been at the con since 9am and I’m just sliding in and out of consciousness.


perry whiteburn? talking about vr (sorry if I misspelled your name, there were supposed to be flyers…)

“is vr a gimmick? not this time.”

if anyone is still reading this, it’s because time is compressed on the page. it’s 3pm on a saturday and im pretty sure i remember where my house is. I don’t known if the sun is in the sky but i have faith that there is something outside this room and the tiny weird bass of a fair end speaker system….


Kertin? spelling? God dammit! where is my flyer!? There were supposed to be flyers…
this guy is talking about Emotiv. We’re watching his brain levels in real time while he talks to us.
Which is pretty cool. Tho I really wish he had broken down what it is that we are looking at here before he did the backstory.

He’s talking about binaural beats and he talks like agent smith. Its about dealing with stress. I would say that this guy has got whatever stress he may have, locked down. Like, totally crushed. I mean, hey whatever, I’m just some guy writing 14 pages of word vomit about a bunch of random techies in a box. Its just a sound. Like, vocal inflection.
I am, however, really intrigued by this. He’s modded it so that he can employ the mechanism in any music.

Like elevator music. Like mall music. Man, it’s bad, but all I am hearing here is this is a great way to alter someones emotive response in a public setting.
cheaper than drugs I suppose (y) cheaper than drugs in the water!!!! guh see, this is what im talking about.
The question is, does this have an open api?


vr as a new medium for storytelling.
Eric Nevala (wobbly duck)
first hand experiences to create a powerful medium

the traditional way of designer user interfaces is completely obsolete.
locomotion is also an issue.
motion sickness
exhaustion (it’s hard to hold your hand out in front of you for a long time)
uncharted territory

whatever comes out, it needs to be mass consumer market friendly.

talking about making sure people can see themselves jump. chunk out your narrative into 20 min segments. otherwise they get tired.
when i wave paw paws, i want to see paw paws.


michael lane? drones! tiny quadcopter go!

He’s got a good appeal. A nice trimmed beard and a calm chill voice. And a box full of robotic drones. Its really appealing. Its like having your dad’s work buddy tell you about his go cart building hobby.

*turns out that david forgot i was talking. eh, thats ok.
*got lumped into the grinding things and amal kinda ate it all up

I’m happy to go last. i can reference everything. I’m so tired tho. I… I just don’t think that omg why am i here, what am i even talking about?

hobby drone is droning. and ignoring the wrap it up sign. cause he’s just focusing on his thing. its not on purpose. the man is just totally into his thing.

closing laptop to get my shit together
break a leg (y)
this guy is like my first scout master. i don’t want to interrupt him.
imma let you finsihHa…

ok no there is one more person. and the n…
more v r
prescence. it allows to actually believe that you are somewhere when you are not there.
no other technolgy allows us to do that..
someone to my left whispers “heroin”

i really dont known what im going ot say when i get up there. i really need to not worry about this. the topic has been too broad .

extreme future. extreme. disruptive technology. huh

i think part of what is messing things up here is that its becoming so wishy washy tech im losing focus…

( Amal says)body language you vr guys. this is what is important. i don’t care about picking up a soda can. but i’d love to see someones hands when they are talking. and their eyebrows. These are things that people care about. meetings. talking with someone over coffee. I don’t need amazing coffee dynamics, i need face recognition.


unity in space and technology

we want to shape that future.
reading of of tablet.
gonna go walk around. talk to david about maybe breaking his talks up into something more punchy and comprehensive. Not everyone is good at sitting in boxes and listening to people talk about.. whatever really. Like, omg, i need a granola bar. maybe some interactive whatnot. maybe a powerpoint that doesn’t have bullets.
hell I’m fading too and I’ve mostly been sitting at home in pajamas, can’t imagine how I’d be if I were there in person (y)

…low hanging fruit of asteroids….
phrases coming through in bites now. its…
there are many other ways of getting to orbit….

hopefully by then…

I’m reading my news feed. the lecturer is reading off his tablet. It’s nto your fault man, it’s just too long sitting in a box…
applebees applebees applebees


this is a bummer. this lady gave a talk at the end of the last extechfest and i could barely pay attention cause i was just destroyed in terms of sitting in a spot for one whole day and now here she is and i just don’t know. Does everyone get super ok with passively interacting in a conference situation so hard that.. i just.. i just cant maintain this level of sitting and staring.

like, i really want to go pee, but i really think that this person deserves having a room listen to her since shes been stuffed in the back corner for two conferences now. but dammit, sorry.

gloaming…. that’s the word i was looking for.
we have half the room powered down and half of us are powered down.

in the twilight of the conference.

im not sure anythign i could possibly say could get through to these people.
just shy of violent is amal’s suggestion.
mine too, take a deep breath and summon some rage (y)

intro line…. you’re not bad people. you’re just not really good people.
no thats a bit much.
so let’s talk about disruptive technologies…

hold my juice box, im goin in.

thwarted. another speaker.
someone amazon drone me a flask.


“when i got here at the start of the day i was vibrating with energy. most of you were too. hell, i could barely eat, i just wanted to participate.
now here we are, tired, burnt out.
The lights have been turned off in half the building. we are in the literal twilight of the talks. Everyone has eaten. Pastries have been consumed. We’re tired.
[sorry, I forget where microsoft stores the amphetamines they dole out to coders (y)]
This is good.

This is where we want you

Let me talk about disruptive technologies…. I’m so tired of disruption. I’m just tired. I need some stability.

People like to talk disruption. Try this on for size. We don’t just want your tools. We want your methods. we want all the information. And we want to turn them into toys. FischerPrice the hell out of it. Make it so that anyone can do these things, not just the rich, not just whoever manages to get a leg up in this terrible mess we call the educational system. Anyone anywhere.

I had a documentarian talk to me about open source, creative commons . I looked at her, tired at the end of a long day and said “it’s called sharing, do you understand sharing?”

We’re going to find a way. We’re going to take your patents and bend them to help people. At the end of the day we are more desperate than you…
Just share your work
give it up. Slides first and then your lab notebooks and then your tools and your protocols and then just give it all. We need it, we need it to build…

This is where it fell apart. I just couldn’t muster up why this was a good idea. I’ve had this conversation a hundred times and I just collapsed…

Some guy looks up at me “what about the hours and time put into intellectual prop..”Nope, Sorry, that goes too”

Then a hand raised int he back. This is what broke it. 3 Minutes of me getting worked up and then some guy is like “Well, how do we monetize it though?” And I realized I couldn’t talk anymore.
Someone had to come up and rescue me while I just stared at this guy and realized no one here really got the point and that I was too braindead to work it through for them.

5 minutes later, my brain was back on and I was holding three conversations at once while we headed out to get a pint and chat. But then it was too late…


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