After a long silence: action, interviews, and cool upcoming stuff!

Oh wow. That a long break. Let’s dive straight into it shall we?

Even though I may not be communicating, it doesn’t seem to stop other people from talking with me and that is just great 😀

Here is the link to the latest interview from a group called Science for the People. I like that name, has a familiar ring to it…
I had a great time talking with them. Great podcast about citizen science.

Tomorrow is the Fall Extreme Future Tech conference. You may remember my reporting on that from my last post… Wow, it really has been a long time since I updated.
Well, we’re going back to that, and I will be reporting from the trenches to the probably 3 human beings that still follow this blog. Gonzo Transhumanist blogging at it’s finest.

See you in the comments 😀

One thought on “After a long silence: action, interviews, and cool upcoming stuff!”

  1. hi. sorry. glad you’re back. i dont remember what i was mad about. keep up the good work. im in the middle of reading michio kaku’s The Future Of The Mind and it makes me wanna see more stuff like this. gonzo is my favourite muppet, lol.

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