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We’re not missionaries, we’re engineers.

tl;dr – Come check out our new organization
I’m focusing on personal projects instead of other people’s projects.
Expect journal paper summaries.

It’s 649 am and I’m watching steam peel off the sidewalk as the sprinklers of the nearby bank liberally douse both the scrub flat and the concrete around their building. It was cold enough in Florida last night that the water from the pipes is warmer than the ground.

You’re sending me mixed messages here, Florida. You’re drowning and melting, but you’re still watering the asphalt like nothings wrong.

Exosphere 2016 Biohacking Stream Video

Our new Fellow, Justin Atkin (Thought Emporium), put together this video about last year’s Exosphere Biohacking Stream.

Enjoy 🙂

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the PNW

What does someone like me do in their spare time? Today, it was write some Venkatesh Rao / Ford Prefect fanfic, per his birthday request. Happy Birthday!

From Venkatesh’s Facebook:

Species as a Frontend : Conservation is Broken

I spent a summer doing fundraising for a Pacific Northwest environmental group. Door to door, grassroots, still one of the most effective methods of really getting people involved. Turns out actually talking face to face with people works better than asking people to like your Facebook group. Please subscribe below.