One week left at Exosphere, some Cathartic Fiction

One week left at Exosphere and I’m more busy than I’ve been in years.
When this is all said and done and I’m on a plane back to the United States, I’ll write up a review, hash out the experience. It’ll be a long one.

In the meantime, as an offshoot of the whole entrepreneurial spirit, get an idea and run with it type of thing, we’ve been writing… what do you call it? Fan fics about our life here? I don’t know. We’ve basically decided to take the time here and make into a story ecosystem.

Things are Changing, Site Updates

It’s been two weeks here at Exosphere Hydra III and I can say that I am pretty amazed. I mean, I was excited, but it has been a really interesting and impressive experience so far.
More on that later. I’d like to talk to you about the website updates.

You might have noticed that there have been some updates to the site. A new theme, but a lot of it is under the hood. In the long run, it will make life easier for everyone. The comments section has had a complete overhaul and I encourage people to give it a whirl and let me know if they find any issues. Most of it has to do with being able to subscribe to replies to further conversation, and more tools to block the 3k spam bots that decided to descend upon the site last night.

Logistics and Planning for a Life Outside the University

There was a really great comment on the previous post about logistics for doing something like educational tourism. It’s all well to talk a good game, but seeing some numbers and maybe a plan might help.

For those of you with those questions, this post is for you. Numbers are at the bottom.

Science Education Tourism

I was talking with a friend a while back about this group called Exosphere LINK, and he brought up the idea of “Science Education Tourism”. That is, traveling to places where people have an awesome setup and getting hands on experience. This was when he was on his way down to Grindfest, which is a bi annual meetup of diy bodyhackers and future tech enthusiasts. I think you guys know about it.

Extreme Future Tech Two – Techlectric Bugaloo

Post edit notes: I have to say, I had prepared myself for more of the same, bigger, brighter, more extreme. All, filled with all sorts of nutty sales pitches and out there ideas.
This fest was much longer than the others and it shows in my notes. So telling in fact, that I have edited out some of the long stretches.
Now, I’m sorry if someone gets cut out in the edits. The thing is, most of the stuff presented was pretty legit and straightforward. A few VR people, a drone guy, Liz Parrish from BioViva was there again. Amal from Dangerous Things had a great presentation and did an implant on an attendee…

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