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A thank you and a reminder

Thanks for making us the most viewed lab note on by an order of magnitude.

Don’t forget though, there are a pile of really cool and interesting projects here and you should check them out 🙂

Science needs support now, more than ever. Even if you are just swinging by to read a quick post here, pop on over to Experiment and see if there is something that strikes your fancy.

top notes

For those who want more data! We salute you!

Wow, what a crazy week!

We were lucky enough to have a backer post our blog update on Reddit. I hear that the people swooped in and crashed the website for a sec 🙂

Better yet, getting exposed to a very skeptical audience allowed us to hear more about what you guys want to see next. And that’s more data! Control data! Charts with labels!

We apologize for that. We got really excited and posted a screenshot. We didn’t realize how much people would get excited and want more so soon!

Initial Success!

Hi everyone! We have results!

2 weeks into the A2 administration and we have ERG readings with excitation in the eye at 950nm 🙂 This is really exciting news. We’re hoping that by the next few weeks, we will move even further into the NIR.

I’ll attach a sampling of the data here and discuss what we are seeing. I realize that the info is pretty noisy, but a lot of that has to do with the device being so sensitive that it reads even the slightest movement of the eye as well as the flashes of the LEDs. We are working on setting up an appointment with an ophthalmologist by the end of the study so that we can get at least a few nice, professional looking readings.

The A2 has arrived!

After what became a month of extra waiting, the vitamin A2 finally arrived. We promptly verified it and it has been sent to the test subjects.

Starting today, the control resumes taking vitamin A1. Meanwhile our test subjects will be taking 1.6mg of vitamin A2 for the next 25 days. Since the amounts are so small, the A2 (a viscous yellow liquid at room temperature) will be diluted into oil so that a precise measurement can be made. Since it is so susceptible to degradation at room temperature, the A2 is kept in the freezer in aliquots so that only the necessary amount is exposed to room temperature.

Zoltan Istvan Interviews Rich Lee

The other day, the interview between Rich Lee and Zoltan Istvan went up on the Psychology Today website.

It’s an interesting read. Zoltan is known for The Transhumanist Wager, a book which was written to challenge “virtually everyone” on the key talking points of Transhumanism. Rich Lee is part of the Grinder community, has been in the news multiple times for his cool body hacks, and passionately outlines the different ways that people approach and view biohacking.

Click here to read more.