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Last Meals

Breakfast: Five eggs scrambled in goose fat, plate full of steamed broccoli.

Lunch: Corned beef from my favourite diner. Dabs of made-from-scratch horseradish sauce. Cabbage, boiled and then marked on the grill.

…8oz of steamed half and half….

Supper: Roasted pork loin, hand rubbed with spices. Steamed broccoli and cauliflower.  Liberal dabs of homemade habanero hot sauce, aged 7 days. A few pieces of mature English cheddar.


I love you food. I know you’re not going anywhere.

Time to do some science.


Selecting an EEG Device


Electroencephalography is by no means a new technology; first used to record the electrical activity of a human brain by Hans Berger in 1924, the phenomena of seemingly spontaneous electrical activity in the brains of mammals has been studied since as early as 1875. To put this in perspective, this was before Greece began using the Gregorian calendar. As a nearly century old technology based in a relatively simplistic design, one who has never looked into purchasing one before might easily assume that EEG devices have become affordable and user-friendly, like so many other technologies available to us today; perhaps this dire misconception is a side effect of being spoiled by the rapid rise of the personal computer as a consumer technology. Unfortunately, while researching the options on the market for various projects, I’ve found that these two elusive factors, affordability and ease of use, are not available in any single product.

Our new additions to the study

Hello readers and backers,

I would like to begin by apologizing for the frequent delays. Most of them were unpreventable and many of them were out of our hands, but none of these excuses change the fact that ultimately, the responsibility falls on us, and it is to you, our supporters, that we bear that responsibility. Let me reiterate: we set deadlines that depended on factors outside our control, and we had no business doing so. As a result, we have heard some entirely reasonable concerns from some of you that these delays could extend indefinitely, and ultimately result in this project never seeing completion. I would like to put those fears to rest here and now: we will see this study finished.

Please forgive the delay…

While we had planned to begin our vitamin A deficient diet at the end of last week, we have unfortunately run into a snag. Ian G., our fourth test subject, has been forced by personal circumstances to drop out of the NIR vision pilot study. With an extra set of equipment and only three data points, one of whom is a control (Gabriel) who will be taking plain old vitamin A alongside our VAD diet, we felt it would be best to push off our experiment start date another month or so while we find a replacement and get him/her into shape.

Friday is Baseline Day

Just a short update, for those of you waiting to see what’s going on with the NIR project

We will be starting the VAD on Wednsday (​0326) barring any unforeseen roadblocks. This means that we will be taking baseline readings before then (hopefully Friday) and will be letting you guy’s know how it goes. If you were a supporter through the microryza (now fundraiser, you can log in there to get the first round of hard data this weekend.

Edit: I should never mutlitask. Changed start dates. Sorry.