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SFM Dietary Protocols: Depleting Retinol

SFM Dietary Protocols: Depleting Retinol

Jeffrey Tibbetts

Our project to replace Rhodopsin with Porphyropsin in the human eye in order to affect a shift of the range of light that is perceivable can easily be summed up in three steps: deplete stores of vitamin A, administer A2, and measure the changes that occur. While these summations are valid, they don’t do justice to the intricacies involved in each step. This section discusses the steps taken to deplete retinol levels.

Selecting an EEG Device


Electroencephalography is by no means a new technology; first used to record the electrical activity of a human brain by Hans Berger in 1924, the phenomena of seemingly spontaneous electrical activity in the brains of mammals has been studied since as early as 1875. To put this in perspective, this was before Greece began using the Gregorian calendar. As a nearly century old technology based in a relatively simplistic design, one who has never looked into purchasing one before might easily assume that EEG devices have become affordable and user-friendly, like so many other technologies available to us today; perhaps this dire misconception is a side effect of being spoiled by the rapid rise of the personal computer as a consumer technology. Unfortunately, while researching the options on the market for various projects, I’ve found that these two elusive factors, affordability and ease of use, are not available in any single product.