Post Exosphere Wrap-up

Now that the jet lag has settled, it’s time for he post exosphere wrap-up.

The quick questions:
Was it worth it? Yes.
Would you do it again? Yes.
Would you recommend it to a friend? Yes, repeatedly.

It was a strange month at Exosphere, down in beautiful Reñaca Beach. Layers within layers, man. Turns out that most of the people attending had no idea why they were going. Now, this may seem odd, until you consider most people feel this way about going to school, or their job, a lot of things.
The interesting bit was that instead of just teaching you things, a good part of being there was to helping people figure out why they were there. This flies in the face of convention. I’m not joking. You go to university, and people are basically like, “Well you’re here cause you need to be here, I mean, it’s university, that’s what you do”.

This is very unsatisfying. This is not a good reason to get up in the morning.

And that is exactly the point.

Skinner Layne, Founder of Exosphere, was in a podcast with James Guzman the other week, and he said:

“Exosphere is trying to create a new category, the first infinite game institution, the first goal is to help people live rich and more fruitful life by confronting reality, by solving problems, by learning how to solve others problems, which is entrepreneurship, and understanding themselves as mechanism for better understanding the world”.

I suggest listening to the podcast.

Understanding themselves as a mechanism for better understanding the world…

This means that we were not only learning about biohacking, 3d printing, blockchain, cryptography, independant publishing, and dual citizenship,
but also learning about self reliance, how to think about your ideas, brainstorming in ways they never taught you in school, communication skills, and most importantly, the why behind why are you doing things in your life.

Why are you tired of your job? Why do you feel like university is wasting your time? What are you going to do about it?

Questions I asked myself. It’s how I got here, quit academia, shrugged of industry and went out independent.

Over the next couple of days, I will be posting talks, and videos from myself and other people who were speaking at the Exosphere Hydra III bootcamp.
Hope you enjoy them and it helps nail down some of the more interesting points.

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