One week left at Exosphere, some Cathartic Fiction

One week left at Exosphere and I’m more busy than I’ve been in years.
When this is all said and done and I’m on a plane back to the United States, I’ll write up a review, hash out the experience. It’ll be a long one.

In the meantime, as an offshoot of the whole entrepreneurial spirit, get an idea and run with it type of thing, we’ve been writing… what do you call it? Fan fics about our life here? I don’t know. We’ve basically decided to take the time here and make into a story ecosystem.

I didn’t write the first chapter. So, this isn’t my fault. Still, I suggest you check out:
System1 – Dudecamp in Space
It’s just a random wordpress so start at the first post. It’s more an exercise in expression than anything else.

After weeks of lectures, carving up horse hearts, barbecue dinners, and mental breakdowns… it’s cathartic…

UPDATE: changed link to These guys move fast.

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