We’re kaput folks. Splat.
It was an interesting trip, but due to irreconcilable personal differences, Jeffrey and Gabriel have parted ways.

Why should anyone care? Meh, I doubt you really should. Jeffrey is still out in Cali with the medical space. Gabriel is up in Seattle with all the biology tools. Everyone is still working and doing cool stuff. Just not in the same location.

SfM the company no longer exists and anyone other than myself is not associated with the name.

The website is now a personal blog. Tbh, it always was, we just fancied it up. It will be up for background info in case anyone wants to do a bit of backlog reading, as well as updates if I actually do anything. Jeffrey asked that I remove his posts under intellectual property concerns, so there may be a couple of holes, as that is his prerogative. Luckily, Peyton made most of the early posts so there’s quite a bit there.

Let’s keep any questions and or comments related to peoples personal lives somewhere else. Just a suggestion, I just don’t think it’s the place. I just wanted to update y’all.

12 thoughts on “Restructuring…”

  1. so… wait… what? the whole team is just gonna stop working on stuff together? And you doubt we should care? this is sort of disappointing, so, you should be prepared for people to care about it. What kind of stuff is gonna happen on this blog now? what blogs or websites should i follow to find out about what the team’s members are doing from now on? Was this entire thing just a giant waste of energy and enthusiasm?

    1. Look Bibby. SfM still loves you. They just.. have have some things they need to work out. Also, the whole team? There were just two of us…
      This blog is still going. I’m working on stuff with other people on transdermals, machine interface, and biocybernetic muscular augmentation. Fun stuff. I’ll post.
      You can still read Jeffrey’s stuff when he posts it on He’s doing some cool experiments with nerve growth factor.
      Everyone is still at, doing projects and working and getting excited.

      It was not a waste. It’s time for a little change. Don’t worry, I’ll make it as seamless as possible.

  2. So what happens to the donations?? I, for one, would like to know where my recent 250.00 donation ends up. Really disappointed. What happened?? #throwingmoneyaway #greatergoodtrumpsegos

    1. It’s not like the infrastructure just vanished. All the tools and chemicals and work done is still there. Still being used. We’re just moving locations.
      If you supported recently, your money has gone into one of three projects:
      A turbidostat that you can assemble at home (we’re on the software phase, not my thing)
      A testing of Nerve Growth Factor for increased sensitivity in localized regions. (That’s Jeff)
      A novel transdermal coating for implants. (Testing in a few weeks)

      All of these projects are very alive and moving forward. All things that have been mentioned recently.
      I’m very happy and willing to answer any and all questions about current and further projects, as always.

  3. it is normal to see, and find, change regularly throughout nature. unfortunately, separation from friends and family comes with change. in a partnership of any type we find change to detrimental because it sometimes pushes the individual away from the other. sorry for your loss but keep you head up and the next frontier will behold itself to you. good luck with your research and i hope you will find the intellectual inspirations you need and the financial resources needed for your projects. maybe .net campaigning for donations to fund research could be a resource.

  4. I am finding this information so late in the game, I will keep my eyes open though (no pun intended). I would hope such interesting projects wouldn’t be completely abandoned.

    1. The simplest answer to that is that whatever benefits were possible, just getting to them were such a huge pain that it wasn’t work it. Biology continues to be all about minor changes as opposed to magical upgrades.

  5. One reason to care about the breakup…. I came here from a viral account of your night vision experiment, but that seems to be one of the posts Jeffrey took with him. You might want to supply a link for that one at least.

    Or work something out on “the IP front” — AIU IP law, Jeffrey’s posts here would not be in a significantly different situation than for him posting them in his new forum. The questions are public accessibility (either blog) and attribution.

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