Grindfest Zero! Success!

We had a private alpha testing of a Grinder get together last week. We called it Grindfest Zero and basically we just wanted to see what happens when a bunch of home surgery enthusiasts and diy biohackers all met up for the first time.
People were pretty excited and came from all over the world! Right?! Mind blown.

There were about a half dozen new RFIDs implanted and that many again magnets installed. We jammed out on a couple of new projects that everyone got excited about and then at night we were testing out Rich Lee’s human taser device. Massive crowd electrification!

We also got to test the Ce6 (chlorophyll analog) eye drops which we were hoping would improve night vision. We were not disappointed.

Over the course of the next week we will be collecting videos from everyone who came down and posting them here for your viewing pleasure.

Thank you to, Torchlit Studios, Dangerous Things, and all the people who came and rocked out with us, bringing their time, supplies, and enthusiasm.

See you all again soon!

7 thoughts on “Grindfest Zero! Success!”

  1. What would happen if you soaked a pair of contacts in the ce6 insulin and dimethlysulfoxide solution? Then put them in? I use contacts normally, so I was curious.

    1. If you soaked the contacts, and you actually got absorption of the molecules into the contact, you wouldn’t be able to absorb the solution properly. There would be no way of controlling how much ended up in your eye, which means you would either put too much on the contact and risk a higher amount, or the same dose we used and then have a lower amount reach the eye.

  2. Got me curious about the “human taser” experiment, is there anywhere online to read about the premise behind this? I noticed nothing on and spent some time but maybe I’m searching wrong terms? No worries if it’s to be published later.

    1. The guy who was working on that is Rich Lee, this is actually his prototype we’re playing with. You’re not finding any threads on it because it was something he keeps working on, but there’s not a lot of discussion about electrocuting ourselves going on.

      He could explain it a bit better, but basically, the human body can be used to transmit electricity. We are all pretty aware of this. The premise was basically to use one’s hands as the two contact points for a high charge system. With us being big jelly bags though, there is no insulation to control which direction the electricity flows. You need to be grounded (literally).

      It’s a design in progress…. And we don’t recommend making one yourself.

      1. Thank you, and heck no I don’t even know what you guys are doing much less care to try to replicate it! Just sounded like a fascinating concept.

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