A New Year, A Month Late

I know what you are thinking.
Where are these guys? What have they been doing? Did the get lost in the hills and get eaten by coyotes?

Things have been getting heavy duty down here at Casa des Masses. The lab is up, the greenhouse has an aquaponics system and we’re beating off documentarians with sticks.
Almost complete in the lab is a new room. Jeffrey has been sealing the cracks and coating the walls of our own private medical suite. Mostly it will be used for biofeedback testing and the like, but we have our fair share of body mod tools for when the mood strikes us.

The data has finally be all organized from the NIR tests and we are hoping to send off the write up shortly. One way or another, anyone who helped us out or keeps an eye out here will be able to see the results.

Hopefully, we’ll have more updates soon 🙂

2 thoughts on “A New Year, A Month Late”

  1. G,day guys. First of all, great work! I’m really pleased to see that there are folk out there willing to give science a good nudge, and do the hard yards out in the open ( more or less :). I have only just heard of the news regarding the eye drops today, and was intrigued as to weather any large agencies have been chasing you up so to speak ?. The findings you have placed on the net so far, appear to be well laid out and missing no major detail really. Best of luck to you and your team.
    Shaun, Akl ,N.Z.

    1. Hey thanks. Yeah people are making noise, but really we’re just more excited about the next project. We tried to make sure we covered all the bases so that anyone can test this out themselves. That’s what’s really important to us.

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