If you want to have your own lab…

..first you must learn to to hang drywall.
Seriously, when we moved into the new spaaaaaace, we had no idea how much work it would be.
We are now located in Tehachapi, California, about 90 min north of LA.
Suffice it to say, changing a 3 cat garage into a spaaaaaace that was fit to do basic bio work was not a picnic.
Here’s a comparison of the spaaaaaace from the first day to today. Sorry for the poor quality. All of our spare cash went into insulation and paint. You can click to embiggen.

empty spaaaaaacebaby steps

As you can see, we were starting from scratch.
After weeks of work and lots of learning, we managed to get things up to a point where we weren’t afraid to set a sample down on the counters. Modifications to the existing structure included insulation, drywall, priming, sealing the floor and counters with resistant coating, and removing one of the garage doors and sealing into its opening so we didn’t have a giant hole in the wall.

It’s not much yet, but it’s enough to do some light work in. The shopping list is still quite long, and we need to pull down the tarps and get things spruced up, but it’s a start and we are happy to share it with you đŸ™‚


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