Initial Success!

Hi everyone! We have results!

2 weeks into the A2 administration and we have ERG readings with excitation in the eye at 950nm 🙂 This is really exciting news. We’re hoping that by the next few weeks, we will move even further into the NIR.

I’ll attach a sampling of the data here and discuss what we are seeing. I realize that the info is pretty noisy, but a lot of that has to do with the device being so sensitive that it reads even the slightest movement of the eye as well as the flashes of the LEDs. We are working on setting up an appointment with an ophthalmologist by the end of the study so that we can get at least a few nice, professional looking readings.

20140819 ERG diagram

As you can see, there is a lot of artifact noise, even in the dark. However, due to the irregularity and low amplitude of it, it will be easy to filter out. If you remember, the 850nm was a flash that we could see even before the dietary shifts. However, you can clearly see that the 950nm flashes are now visible to this subject.

We noticed that each reading at the 950nm level has a double peak. We believe that this is due to depolarization-depolarization activity, but that is conjecture.

We’re going to continue taking readings and work on filtering out the noise so that we can have the best data possible. Also, now that we have some hard data, we feel comfortable adding a little anecdotal recordings from the test journals.

Thank you for sticking with us, it’s all panning out now. I hope you guys are excited as we are 😀


2 thoughts on “Initial Success!”

  1. When you guys have progressed a little more and the evidence is a bit more dramatic, hopefully you can get the attention of some giant health science company and maybe they’ll help you turn this into some kind of product or service… I feel like this is the kind of thing that people would pay a lot for… I understand that to get these results, you had to do a lot of crazy things with the subjects’ diet and health, but maybe if you got the help of a big corporation you could figure out a way to make the process easier on the subject… maybe it could be similar to Laser Eye Surgery, except they would go in, scoop out all the old “normal-vision” stuff, inject the “infrared-vision” stuff, then seal it back together and bob’s your uncle!!! i know that’s simplifying the situation, but seriously, it seems like big companies should be throwing money at you guys right now….. Is it against your principles or something? Or are there really nobody willing to fund this kind of amazing science?

    1. Unfortunately, it is the later. No one is throwing money at us. However, now that we have this preliminary data, maybe someone will get excited….
      We have some ideas on how to streamline the process or make it easier, but currently the funding required is outside of our range (ie we’re poor).

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