New Projects on the Way!

Yeah, I know, it’s been a little quiet around here. That’s because slowly going night blind isn’t that exciting or photogenic. The VitaminA2 is ordered but that’s about it.

So what have we been doing in the meanwhile?

Well, the group is restructuring and moving down to California where we can set up a workspace. Also, we have been lucky to get a few of the biohacking community to crowdsource the funds for the peachy printer beta 🙂 It’s so cute! We’ll let you know when it gets moving. There are also a few things in the background that we can’t talk about right now, but when it breaks, I’ll post it up here.

OH! Also a major German TV network is doing a documentary on Biohacking and is coming through the country, filming the work that everyone has been doing. They’ll be in Seattle the third week of July and will be filming some of our processes. We are lucky to be just down the street from Amal from Dangerous Things and he is going to be in the film too. Cool, right? We’re pretty excited!

I have to get back to work, we’re writing a book. Hopefully more updates soon.


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