Please forgive the delay…

While we had planned to begin our vitamin A deficient diet at the end of last week, we have unfortunately run into a snag. Ian G., our fourth test subject, has been forced by personal circumstances to drop out of the NIR vision pilot study. With an extra set of equipment and only three data points, one of whom is a control (Gabriel) who will be taking plain old vitamin A alongside our VAD diet, we felt it would be best to push off our experiment start date another month or so while we find a replacement and get him/her into shape.

We are currently interviewing a handful of candidates who have expressed interest in contributing to this project since its inception, and hope to have a name and basic biography to share with you by the end of the week. Again, please forgive us for the further delay; we’re moving things along as quickly as possible.

4 thoughts on “Please forgive the delay…”

      1. okay… i guess this is a very important step on the road to transhumanism and stuff so i suppose i can wait… Hey, btw i heard that flowers have patterns that can only be seen under ultraviolet light… are there any similar natural phenomenon that the test subjects will be able to see that normal humans cannot?

    1. As you know, we are not running out of a institutional lab, and everyone is aware of how little we asked for in our initial funding. At the lab where I work, most manpower and tools issues can be solved by throwing money at it or grabbing an undergrad. We do not have this luxury 🙁

      It’s one of those things you realize when you’ve spent some time in a research lab, but failure and setbacks are almost constant. This is why we don’t do daily or even weekly updates with our PI. This particular situation is unique in that we have an audience waiting to see results.

      Be excited, you are seeing the research process at work 😉 Roadblock after roadblock in the hopes that we get a few data points that make it all worthwhile.

      I hope that the more people understand this, the more they will be willing to support the sciences and get excited about the breakthroughs that are made.

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