Friday is Baseline Day

Just a short update, for those of you waiting to see what’s going on with the NIR project

We will be starting the VAD on Wednsday (​0326) barring any unforeseen roadblocks. This means that we will be taking baseline readings before then (hopefully Friday) and will be letting you guy’s know how it goes. If you were a supporter through the microryza (now fundraiser, you can log in there to get the first round of hard data this weekend.

Edit: I should never mutlitask. Changed start dates. Sorry.

Body composition and ERG data will be taken weekly as well, perhaps even more often. As with all experiments, the first readings will help us establish how often we need to take more readings. If we notice anything amiss or interesting, extra data will need to be taken. If we find out that everything is cruising along at a stable rate, we will maintain the weekly only readings.

Some of us will be getting blood work done as well throughout the experiment. If anything interesting shows up, it will be mentioned.

We couldn’t have gotten here without all the support from our backers and the online community. We hope we do ya’ proud 🙂

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