Update: Soylent Purchase & Experiment Start Date

Dear Readers and Backers,

We apologize for the long wait between updates! Rest assured that we have continued working hard on the NIR vision project, and are as dedicated as ever to opening up whole new worlds of perception to the eyes of mankind.

For the past two weeks, Mr. Rob Rhinehart, developer and CEO of the Soylent nutritional replacement company, has been working hard at supplying us with a special VAD retinoid and carotene free formula of his concoction. Due to the batch system of production still firmly entrenched in the food processing industry, Rob has had difficulty gaining traction with the micronutrient supplier he sources the Soylent vitamin blend from—after all, why would anyone intentionally cut vitamin A, a nutrient essential to human life, out of their diet?

However, after a tense 2 weeks of waiting, Rob and Soylent have pulled through! We really owe a lot to Rob & co. for helping to make this project a reality. The new lead time for the VAD Soylent is approximately one month. Since this plops us right in the middle of the holiday season, we’ve pushed the vitamin A deficiency start date up to January 10th.

Again, we apologize for the long period of silence. Our next update will cover the LED stimulator unit and peripherals Jeff has been working so hard on for the past several weeks. As always, please follow us via Twitter @science_ftm and on our blog, https://scienceforthemasses.org/ (where this has been crossposted), and don’t hesitate to ask any questions.



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