About SfM


Science for the Masses is the front end for collaboration between individuals in research, the health care industry, and technical design. We operate independently of any university, college, or government agency. Our mission is to aid in the increase of open access to tools and information and encourage the growth of the biohacking community. We are working to see the tools and resources necessary to perform scientific research made available to anyone that wants them. To this end, all of our research is and will be published free and open source, and will be repeatable by the layperson—meaning no multimillion dollar lab equipment.

This page is run by

Gabriel Licina, Biohacker and Independant Consultant.

Gabriel is a molecular biologist and a grinder. After working in academia for a few years, he co founded the now defunct Science for the Masses which became a personal blog, did a bunch of documentaries, some minor surgery on himself and others, and then decided to refocus . Current projects include surface modification for transdermal implants, bio-polymer coating research, bacterial / microbiome alteration, environmental re-mediation, and life extension technologies.

He is currently hiding in the wilds of the pacific northwest, growing moss and ferns.

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