Notes for the last talk

Some people asked for this.
This was the talk that I gave before I left Exosphere. I wanted to cram in all the ranting that I would have been casually unloading over the course of the remaining month…
It’s not bio-specific, but it is fairly important.

I’ve been called religious in my passions about science and change, multiple times over the course of this month.

Post Exosphere Wrap-up

Now that the jet lag has settled, it’s time for he post exosphere wrap-up.

The quick questions:
Was it worth it? Yes.
Would you do it again? Yes.
Would you recommend it to a friend? Yes, repeatedly.

It was a strange month at Exosphere, down in beautiful ReƱaca Beach. Layers within layers, man. Turns out that most of the people attending had no idea why they were going. Now, this may seem odd, until you consider most people feel this way about going to school, or their job, a lot of things.
The interesting bit was that instead of just teaching you things, a good part of being there was to helping people figure out why they were there. This flies in the face of convention. I’m not joking. You go to university, and people are basically like, “Well you’re here cause you need to be here, I mean, it’s university, that’s what you do”.

One week left at Exosphere, some Cathartic Fiction

One week left at Exosphere and I’m more busy than I’ve been in years.
When this is all said and done and I’m on a plane back to the United States, I’ll write up a review, hash out the experience. It’ll be a long one.

In the meantime, as an offshoot of the whole entrepreneurial spirit, get an idea and run with it type of thing, we’ve been writing… what do you call it? Fan fics about our life here? I don’t know. We’ve basically decided to take the time here and make into a story ecosystem.